Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally! Firestarters! Finally.

Started in November. Finished May 1st. Finally!
Great Pattern plus Great Yarn equals Great socks!

Wollmeise 100% Superwash Sockenwolle
Raku-Regenbogen Dark
Only 3/4 of a skein.

I modified it slightly by knitting the front of the leg in stockinette, my intent was to showcase the gorgeous colors of my yarn. After seeing them finished I'm still undecided if this was a good decision. If I knit another pair I'll probably rib the front also.

I totally cheated and used "written words" and a cable needle to knit these. I was so intimidated by the pattern, but at the same I loved it. After binding off (which by the way was cool double stranded like that-never did that before) I cast on immediately for another Yarnissima pattern and when translating the Very Terhi into words I suddenly "got it". I can totally read her charts now. No more translating! Yea!!! On to Fratello, La Digitessa, and Spina after the Terhi's!

I tried to find a way to photograph the socks that was symbolic of the name. It was hard to do without fire...there was no way I was going to put these pretties anywhere near any flame so I settled for a pile of potentially firestarting wood chips.


peaknits said...

way to kick the firestarters' a$$! and win! They are so gorgeous - and I can't wait to hear more about the Tehri's - I have that pattern taunting me from the stash...

woodchips - clever!

Carrie said...

They are beautiful! Do you have any other photos? (Link link hint hint?) Bravo!

Esoteric Knitter said...

Great photo!