Monday, November 19, 2007

Finally some socks to show for.

I've been slowly working away on these socks. I have to frog the first one because it's a tad to lose and long and well, the second one I made a booboo and did not pay attention to the heel flap pattern, but with some mods it fits well so I'm just gonna stick with the mistakes. So these will be my semi-firestarters. hehhe :)

Firestarter heel

Firestarter Mods
I'm sticking to it because I don't think I can take anymore frogging.

firestarter comparison
Here the two are hanging out and the left one is saying goodbye to the right one. hehe


knittingma said...

Frogging stinks, but it looks like you're persevering. I love the colorway you chose. :)

sharon said...

you're still way ahead of me - although I was as far as the right one when i frogged. looks great though