Sunday, November 11, 2007

What the heck?

I've finished my first sock, but somehow I'm now having a memory lapse. When I rearrange the stitches after finishing the toe, it seems like the beginning of the round will end up being in the center of one of the cables. This was not the case with my first sock. What the heck?! Can someone help me? Here's what I'm doing:

I knit to the first marker, then transfer these 4 stitches to the foot sole needle. Then knit throught to the end of the upper foot needle. Then I begin the foot sole needle, transfer the 4 stitches to the upper foot needle, and knit to the end. But when I get to the end of the foot sole needle, there are those 4 pesky stitches sitting there that have already been knitted from the upper foot needle. If I knit them again, things will be kind of askew in my instep, right? Unless the beginning of the round is in the center of the cable pattern?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I'm pretty stumped right now. :)


sharon said...

When you get to the marked 4 pesky stitches, you start round 2. I remember doing that and thinking it would throw things off, but it didn't.

knittingma said...

Thanks for your help! I'm off to finish my sock now...