Friday, September 21, 2007

Ball winding issues

I decided on the Yarntini Pomtini.
But I have about 2 more hours of detangling to do.
Already did about 6 hours.
Anyone have a spare skein holder thingy - yarn swift isn't it? - cause this sure isn't!!


Linda said...

Oh how frustrating! I only just invested in a ball winder, and it is great! But a swift would certainly help too. I use my kids, they think it is a great game, they do the winding and I am the swift. Before that I used to spend hours with knots too, yuck and then I started to unwind a big long string all over the house, go and wind some and then string again. That worked better. Good Luck! And don't get too frustrated, put in a silly movie to distract you while you untangle maybe?

Cindy said...

Hey, did you ever see this?:

A cheap yarn swift, it apparently actually works fairly well!

Good luck with the untangling. It can sometimes be sort of meditative. Sort of. Sometimes.


cbknits80 said...

Oh yuck, hopefully it didn't take as long as you were predicting, just wanted to chime in that I might be using Pomtimi too. I still have a sock on the needles so I'm rushing through that before I start.

knittingma said...

I feel your frustration. I spend 4 hours last night de-tangling my yarn for a sock swap I just entered. I think next time I'm following Linda's route, and asking my husband to be my stand-by swift. Not a very fun job, but he can watch sports and stand with his arms out at the same time, right? :)