Friday, September 21, 2007


I love all the starts! I'm kinda jealous though, 'cause I'm waiting til my new knitpicks circs arrive. I bought 2 2.5mm's and 1 2.0mm. It's a smaller size than she calls for, but I like a tight knit & a tight sock, so I think I'll be all right (plus I have smallish feet).

Kniterella -- I'm glad we talked you into it! :) I'm off now to *just look* at sock yarn for my harvest sock swap pal... no really... just looking.

Yea, right.


Linda said...

I agree I like a tighter knit too. I usually like to do socks with a 2.25mm but they are tied up so I had to go for the 2.5mm and my sock is alittle big. But still, OK.

Cinnamonamon said...

Good to know. Arg, I'm so impatient! I'm tempted to cast on now (that is assuming I'd decided which yarn to use, lol), with my dpn's, but IIRC knitpicks have a very slightly different size, so I'm afraid I'd mess something up.