Sunday, September 30, 2007

Progress - no pics though

I have done four pattern repeats and am measuring my foot and calculating to determine when to start. I think I can do a fifth repeat and then start increasing for the gusset. I know I will likely not need all the extra gusset rows. My foot measures 20 cm and the pattern is 24 cm. I am just under 10 now.
I discovered on the start of my 3rd pattern repeat, that I forgot a row. Either row 2 or 8, but I skipped it. Happily, due to my smallish foot, this will work out as otherwise I would have to have started the gusset now. It looks okay and I think I will just call it a design adjustment (planned it doncha' know!!!)
Love working with the Yarntini and the pattern makes cabling lickety split fast (except when the stitches pull out and...)
This is a fabulous knit!!!

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taraknits said...

Yeah, when the stitches pull out...I understand that! I think I hold my breath every time I drop one of those boogers. And needless to say some choice words have been said already...