Monday, October 1, 2007

Here We Go!

Well, I have finished the toe (using Lorna's Laces Hawaii)! Now for the hard part- following that chart! I have gone through the first 9 rows and one side looks right but the other doesn't. Maybe I can get some better pictures and someone can spot what I am doing wrong. I know how to work the traveling stitches, but I just don't really understand when I am supposed to do them- when the arrow is coming out of a stitch or when the arrow is pointing to a stitch?? Does that make any sense?

Everyone's work is looking beautiful! What an awesome pattern!


Linda said...

Ooh what fun colors! The cables should be done on the row "when the arrow is coming out of a stitch". I just took note of the direction of the arrow and translated it to a back or front cabling and cabled on that row. Where the arrow comes out shows where the stitch ends up so you know how to knit the next row. Am I making sense? If you want I can post a picture of what I did, but once you get in your head how to read the chart it is pretty easy! Have fun.

Fabienne said...

you do the cabling when the arrow is coming out of a stitch, so the row you are actually on ends up looking like the row higher on the chart.

taraknits said...

Thanks guys! That makes sense- I always try to make things too complicated~ I will work on it tonight and see what happens! :)

cristymuranda said...


im going to read these people comments and try to figure out what to do. before i mess it up and have to take stuff out.