Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wow! Going strong!

We have had 5 more takers in the last 24 hours - way to get people curious! It's so exciting to see what people are coming up with. I still have another one to knit up - and then I got my Fratello kit - I'm a wollmeise-yarnissima-aholic, I may need a sponsor. Any takers? *giggle*


Cinnamonamon said...

Would it be a sponser, enabler or just plain beggar to tell you to keep buying the Woolmeise & to send it to me as pennance? ;)

...and you can never have too many sock patterns in your que! ;)

Morticcia said...

LOL. I'll be your sponsor, too, especially if it means you get 'better' by giving me your wollmeise.

I'm dying to try this yarn!