Monday, October 8, 2007

Firestarter, the horror

Firestarter: Horror
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Last Friday, when I was knitting the Firestarter, I was in denial. I noticed that something was wrong....but kept knitting. Two rows further, I saw that I twisted the middle cable too early. I told myself that I could live with it. Seven rows further, I decided that I could not and put it away for a while.

This evening I thought that I would be able to fix it by just dropping down the cable stitches and knit them back up again....

....yeah, not fun at all. I picked up about two rows and gave up on it. The combination of braiding/cabling with the twisted stitches aren't the easiest to fix...especially not with a circular dangling down and trying to knit with two DPNs in a very confined space with small strands of yarns going everywhere.

I ended up just pulling out all the needles and frogged back...and painfully picked up and knit all the stitches again.

But alas, I picked up the stitches wrong again. And this time I decided that I definitely can live with it. Because I know that if I have to rip this back again, the sock will definitely be sent into the same pile my Vinnland's living in right now.

Just for an FYI, I frogged this sock totally once already and re-knit the whole thing. So, this is my second time knitting it up.


Cinnamonamon said...

Ouch! I already had to drop down 1 row to repair an un-worked cable -- I'm sure I probably knit a stitch that should have been ktbl, but too bad. ;) Good luck!

peaknits said...

That really sucks! I have had to redo some cables a row or two up and did a lot of praying. But the "Bob" is hot!:)

sharon said...

I have been fooling myself that this sock will fit ... Someone. However, it is not due to the fact that it is just too tightly knit. I am going to try it with 2.5 mm and see what happens. (of course some frogging will have to occur. Totally empathize!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

This pattern is making us work for it's beauty, isn't it?

That's so annoying especially since your sock in that Bob colorway was looking so gorgeous.

Sending you good vibes that the karma on this sock will turn around.

Fabienne said...

*hugs* i knit a few too many starting rows on my second sock and i am up to the gusset, i think i'm going to rip it back to the toe, so hang in there. tenacity rules.

Morticcia said...

Ugh! You're not alone. I lost a stitch in the cable pattern and didn't even know it at first and wound up frogging back a few rows when the unraveling traveled down too far to fix.

Fabienne hit the nail on the head: this sock takes tenacity.

Marisol said...

Man! I havent' been here in a while 'cuz I got a little scared and didn't quite understand the pattern and cabeling without the cable needle. I gave it a go this morning, and pretty much screwed up 4 rows as I am trying to get the hang of it. From your experience I'm thinking I should rip it back now before I get too far!

Good luck and thank you for posting your experiences so far.