Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I am a mean, mean woman. So shoot me! Please!

I am a mean, mean woman because I feel so much better when I read of other people having problems with this pattern. Isn't that awful? I can't help myself.

Because I am a five year old trapped in a nearly 40 year old woman's body I've been begrudging the pattern and the beautiful yarn I've been using on this project so much so it took me over a week to do what needed to be done and that is to wipe the slate clean and begin again.

So goodbye Lorna's Laces Gold Hill.


Hello Socks That Rock Jonagold!


The STR is medium weight so I have fudged the numbers. I CO 24 stitches, instead of 30. I'm hoping that both numbers being divisible by three and six will help me fudge the heel and leg portions of the pattern.


nj2 said...

Why are you mean? Did you want the yarn for another pattern or what? It is an amazing color, both on the ball and in the project. But then the replacement color is lovely also.

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Both versions are lovely.

I don't know what your row gauge & your foot length are, but I eliminated one cable repeat on the foot and knit the gusset & heel as written with my STR med weight. The heel flap was fine for me, but I could've done one more short row decrease for the heel turn as that section was a little loose for me.

peaknits said...

I don't think you're mean one bit - terribly industrious and brave - but never mean:)

Donni said...

YAY! another 5 year come to play - I too used STR'd but had to frog it as it came out too big too....we can struggle together non?

Morticcia said...

Stilaholic, I read your blog post on the matter and I'm definitely going to keep that in mind when I get there, hopefully tonight.

I have small feet so I only knit three complete cable 'coins' before beginning the gusset increases.

And Donni, I'm right in line with you on the struggling part! LOL.

Siddis-in-houston said...

Wonderful yarn! Have a nice knitting week end!