Monday, October 15, 2007

Pattern Dummy in the House! Please Help!

I'v gotten to the end of the "Turning The Heel" section and I am confused. (Again!) Would someone please help me get beyond where "On row 13(RS), work 1 round as follows" ends?

I think I have just finished row 18 of the heel. I have followed the directions from Row 13 five times. When I turned my work to do row 18 I had three wrapped stitches on right hand of the needle, the 1 wrapped stitch I just picked up and knit before turning my work. I then purl 14 "live" stitches and then purl the first of four remaining wrapped stitches. On my left hand needle I still have three wrapped stitches when the directions say:

Work next 4 stitches, p18 the gusset, work 30 sts, p18 the other gusset, work 4 sts, pick up the remaining 6 wrapped stitches.

WTF? Is there anyone who can comprehend my confusion and give me some kind of hint? What unwritten knitting concept(s) am I missing?


Fabienne said...

you should not turn the work at the end of row 13, just pick up all the wrapped stitches successively, then work all the stitches on the top of the foot. once back around on the bottom of the foot pick up the wraps from the other side.

Morticcia said...

I've ripped back the work to row 13 in order to see what you mean and after reading the directions and then your comment several times I finally understand my error.

Thank you!

It would be much clearer if the pattern said knit all six wraps. By using the term "repeat 5 times" I was geared to repeat all that I did before the repeat 5 times.