Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fire Started!

multi blue louet
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I don't have a photo of my progress because I'm away on business and can't upload any, but this is the beautiful yarn I've chosen. It's Louet Merino Sport Weight in Blue Multi, whch is three plies of different shades of blue. Gorgeous.

I'm in my second repeat, after realising as I finished the first that I was reading the chart from L to R. Grrr...

Anyway, I was wondering whether anyone else had knit these in Sport Weight and could tell me how long the gusset on their sock ended up? Your stitch & row guages would be helpful, too.




peaknits said...

The yarn you've chosen is gorgeous! Can't wait to see how it is coming along!

Cinnamonamon said...

I'd definitely swatch (or be ready to rip, lol) for sport weight; the color is lovely, but I'd guess you'll need to reduce the # of stitches a bit, and do less repeats, etc.